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Frequently Asked Questions

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 Frequently Asked Questions


Where do I get a copy of my transcript and/or my immunization records?

You can get a copy of your transcript/immunization records from Ms. Calhoun, the registrar.  Her office is in the main office between the nurse's office and Mrs. Hall's office.


Does it cost anything to get a copy of my transcript?

An electronic transmission is FREE. If an active student wants a hard copy for themselves we will still charge $1 fee. There will still be a $2 fee for all former students.


Does it cost anything to get a copy of my immunization records?

Yes, the cost is $1.00.


What is our high school code?

Southside's high school code is 040 837.  This is a number you will need for college applications and ACT and SAT test registration.


Where do I get college applications?

Many college applications are online.  If you prefer a paper copy, you can request an application from the college by email, phone, or regular mail.  Most colleges prefer that you apply online.


What is AP?

AP (Advanced Placement) courses are college level courses taught by High School teachers.  College may award credit based on end of course AP test scores.  Pre-AP facilitates student preparation and exposure to skills necessary for success in AP.  AP and Pre-AP classes are available to students who are motivated to accept the challenge of a highly rigorous academic curriculum.


Why are students taking AP/PreAP Classes?

Challenging coursework, college preparation, college admissions and scholarship, enrichment, college credit, GPA and rank are a few of the many benefits of an AP course. 


Are the Arkansas Scholars and Arkansas Challenge Scholarship the same thing?

No.  The Arkansas Scholars Program begins in the eighth grade when students sign an agreement to complete the Smart Core Curriculum, have 95% attendance or better and maintain a C or better in all classes.  

Arkansas Challenge Lottery Scholarship  is a state funded scholarship for students who take Smart Core, have a 19 on ACT.  Must also complete FAFSA.  It can be used at any college in Arkansas.  Check the website for more specific information.    


What types of scholarships and financial aid are available?

A. College/University

  • Freshman Academic - Schools generally use ACT and GPA (some start w/ an ACT as low as 24(some 21) and a 3.25 GPA - check w/ the Admission and Scholarship/Financial Aid Departments at the college
  • Departmental - based on your major (departments often have additional funds for scholarships)
  • Performance - Band, choir, athletics, debate, dance, etc.  (*Tryouts are typically required)
  • Leadership - Based on school/community activities, character, and/or academics
  • Arkansas Scholar- UAFS only. Students must submit an application for admission to UAFS and a separate AR Scholars Scholarship Application.


B. Government-State/Federal


C. Private/Corporate


D. Other Resources

  • The Scholarship Book (publications found at Bookstores)
  • Arkansas Student Loan Authority (*more than loan information)
  • Church
  • Civic Clubs
  • Parent's Workplace
  • Your Workplace
  • Hospitals (for students entering the health field)








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